Vocollect VoiceCatalyst enables flexible connectivity to devices, servers and information beyond the traditional capabilities of voice software. VoiceCatalyst provides the launching point for implementing voice-enabled operations to achieve the highest levels of productivity. The VoiceCatalyst extendible architecture seamlessly interweaves Vocollect VoiceApplications for the voice-enablement of tasks and workflow execution. The seamless connection of multiple sources with your task workflows can provide supervisors with exception notifications needing real-time approval. For example, you might want to be notified of exceptions on a receiving or loading dock needing release approvals or you might  want to access key information in your ERP or WMS to streamline warehouse processes or you might even want to enable workers to send recorded messages to an alert display management system. VoiceCatalyst enables you to have data connectively without limits.

VoiceCatalyst has a multi-protocol, multi-entity engagement workflow capability that provides your Vocollect solution with seamless data integration opportunities. Customers leveraging the flexibility of VoiceCatalyst continuously are sharing first-hand reports of greater worker productivity and how inefficient processes are further improved to reduce operating costs. VoiceCatalyst manages the user interaction experience and Vocollect’s market leading warehouse optimized voice recognition solution.

 Learn more by downloading the Vocollect by Honeywell VoiceCatalyst Datasheet.