New Vocollect Solution Enables Fast Voice Implementations with No Host Changes and Nominal IT Resources


PITTSBURGH (April 19, 2012) – Vocollect, a business unit of Intermec, Inc. (NYSE:IN) and the world leader in voice solutions for mobile workers, today announced the introduction of Vocollect VoiceExpress, a new host interface solution that provides distribution center (DC) and warehouse operators with the benefits of voice across almost any distribution workflow quickly, by eliminating or reducing common customer adoption barriers of voice solutions.

VoiceExpress is unique in that it allows Vocollect’s certified partners to reengineer processes easily – without host changes or significant IT resources – and to combine their consultative expertise with Vocollect’s industry- leading speech recognition to create a high-performing, integrated voice solution.  This results in more productive and accurate voice-based workflows along with more satisfied warehouse associates.

Pittsburgh-based Giant Eagle, Inc., one of the nation’s largest multi-format food and fuel retailers, has initially deployed Vocollect VoiceExpress in its put-to-store workflow at one of its retail support centers.  “Vocollect VoiceExpress has helped us cure an ongoing efficiency problem we had in our put-to-store workflow,” says Joe Hurley, Senior Vice President, Distribution and Logistics for Giant Eagle. “We had tried to apply voice to this workflow previously, but couldn’t cost-justify the interface customizations. Since VoiceExpress didn’t require us to change our warehouse management system (WMS), it provided a new and much easier way to deploy voice.  VoiceExpress has helped us improve productivity by an additional 20 percent. Voice is also a safer way to work. We are now looking at using Vocollect VoiceExpress to address a variety of additional workflows.”

“We continually look for new technologies that can make our operations more efficient, so we piloted Vocollect VoiceExpress for the receiving application at our Shelbyville, Tenn. distribution center,” said Joe Stephenson, Supervisor, Purchasing for Newell Rubbermaid. “The hands-free/eyes-free aspect resulted in greater efficiency, including less travel time and less risk for product damage, as well as a more ergonomic environment for our employees.”

New workflows can be voice-enabled within a matter of days – from selection to cycle-counting, put-away, receiving, loading, and many others. Voice-enabling a broader portion of a DC or warehouse is also much easier now, since VoiceExpress leverages Vocollect’s latest client software, Vocollect VoiceCatalyst, which operates on multi-vendor vehicle-mount and fixed-mount computers and, later this year, on handhelds. Now customers can increase their return on investment from their voice-enabled mobile devices by reusing those devices for additional workflows, either during off-shifts or by workflow interleaving, with nominal investments in host interfacing. If workers or mobile devices are workflow-specific, VoiceExpress provides new justification for devices that are ready for upgrades or replacement.

“Based on early feedback from some of our customers and partners, we are excited about our ability to enable more distribution operations to gain the benefits of voice quickly across more workflows – in a way that minimizes their need to modify the host or tap precious IT resources,” says Tom Murray, Vice President – Product Management and Marketing for Vocollect. “Partner expertise is a vital component of successful voice deployments, and VoiceExpress helps our partners and customers to reengineer and optimize workflows. That expertise, in combination with faster implementations through Vocollect’s industry-leading speech recognition, purpose-built headsets and certified mobile computers, provides a powerful solution that helps transform business results and workforce performance for distribution operations around the world,” he says.

Vocollect now offers four host interface approaches, each of which addresses specific target market needs. Since VoiceExpress can be deployed alongside other Vocollect interfaces to the same host, it gives companies maximum flexibility to add voice quickly and easily to additional workflows. The initial solution implementation leverages the power of Vocollect VoiceArtisan, an open and flexible integrated development environment, Vocollect VoiceCatalyst, a next generation, multi-vendor client application, and VoiceExpress Server, a “thin,” pass-through middleware component that is based on technology from the DataMAX Software Group.

Vocollect VoiceExpress is now commercially available worldwide.  For more information, visit or call 412-349-2515.


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