Vocollect Highlights Opportunities for U.S. Public Sector Agencies to Save Money, Streamline Processes Across Supply Chain - January 2011

PITTSBURGH AND WASHINGTON (January 12, 2011) – Vocollect, Inc., the world leader in voice-centric solutions for mobile workers in distribution environments, having made strong inroads into public sector activity, is holding an exclusive summit for public sector executives who want to learn how voice technology can improve distribution center and inspection processes, increase productivity and achieve high accuracy. This seminar is one of many initiatives Vocollect has undertaken in the past year to penetrate the U.S. public sector market, including the appointment of Keith E. Johnson, vice president – public sector, and the signing of two dedicated public sector reseller partners, MSS Software and XIO Strategies.

The January 18 summit is designed to provide insight into Vocollect’s vision for the voicecentric warehouse and other mission-critical processes, and to demonstrate to attendees
the unique benefits that Vocollect solutions provide. Vocollect’s voice-centric solutions for supply chain activities including selection, replenishment, put-away, cycle-counting, crossdocking, related door-to-door movement operations and inspections are an ideal way to achieve supply chain performance goals. Vocollect adapts to each person’s unique voice patterns and facilitates hands-free/eyes-free material movement in challenging work environments.

The company’s end-to-end voice solutions integrate seamlessly with leading WMS vendors and SAP. For more than 20 years, Vocollect customers worldwide have achieved
dramatic performance improvements, including:
10-20% productivity increases
Accuracy rate increases in workflow execution up to 99.995%
Greater workplace safety and increased job satisfaction
Training time reductions up to 50%
Quantifiable payback, often in less than nine months

“Vocollect is excited about the opportunity to support the public sector with technology and best practices that can help supply chain operations achieve significant cost
savings, streamline processes, and create safer and more enjoyable work environments,” said Joe Pajer, president and chief executive officer, Vocollect, Inc.

According to James Clark, director of business operations for XIO Strategies, the Vienna, Va.-based leading supply chain management and communications consulting firm and newest Vocollect partner, “We are absolutely thrilled to become a partner for Vocollect’s public sector business. We believe voice technology will soon become an integral part of governmental supply chain operations, and that Vocollect’s undisputed global market leadership in bringing voice-centric technology to business will transition seamlessly and quickly into the public sector.”

“We are finding tremendous interest among public service agencies and non-profits in exploring how voice-centric solutions can help them operate their supply chain operations more effectively and efficiently. Our executive summit event will provide attendees with an opportunity to better understand how Vocollect can help transform public sector operations, and allow Vocollect to showcase its success in servicing this market,” said Keith E. Johnson, vice president – public sector, Vocollect, Inc.