Maximize productivity and accuracy in your warehouse by voice-enabling your motorized vehicles.

Vocollect's Vehicle Mount Talkman (VMT) Solution improves productivity and accuracy by voice-enabling the vehicles in your distribution centers. With the Vocollect VMT Solution, customers can achieve a fully voice-enabled warehouse.

The Vehicle Mount Talkman Solution includes a Talkman mobile computing device, mounting brackets, a battery adapter, and a DC-power converter. Many standard wired and wireless peripherals are already certified with the Vocollect VMT Solution.

The VMT can be used with any equipment typically found within a distribution center (including motorized pallet jacks, forklifts, reach trucks, etc.). Adding Vocollect's wireless SRX2 headset permits the worker unhindered movement between the truck and the pickface for fast, precise picking movements.

The VMT can be used with reach trucks and counterbalance trucks, enabling operators to pick up loads accurately and quickly without the distraction of a touch-screen data entry or a keyboard and screen. The comfortable fit of the wireless headset allows for quick head movements while maintaining focus on case or pallet movement, without needing to scan pick or supply positions.