eBook "The Talking Warehouse" Depicts the Voice-Centric Distribution Era

PITTSBURGH (November 18, 2010) – Vocollect, Inc., the world leader in voicecentric solutions for mobile workers, today announced the launch of its e-book, The Talking Warehouse: Unleashing Higher Business Performance in Product Distribution through Voice, and the availability of its first chapter, also called ‘The Talking Warehouse.’ The new e-book is designed to introduce global supply chain leaders to the proven value of voice in accelerating business results across multiple workflows and vertical markets.

Authored by Roger Byford, co-founder and chief technology officer of Vocollect, and David Maloney, senior editor of the leading North American distribution industry magazine DC
Velocity, the e-book chapters will provide insight to logistics and IT executives and managers who want to learn more about how voice can help them solve key business challenges such as growth, cost reduction, traceability, expanding regulatory needs, product mix changes and seasonality.

The first chapter, now available by visiting www.vocollect.com, focuses on the history of voice and the early years of its use in distribution circles – a technology application which
Vocollect pioneered – and the tremendous potential voice has for improving logistics and distribution operations. Future chapters, released periodically over the next two years, will cover such topics as:

Demystifying Voice in the Warehouse – Reveals how voice-directed workflows work, how industrial applications for speech recognition differ from consumer applications, different approaches to industrial speech recognition and their pros and cons, and the tangible business value of good speech recognition in voice.

Solving Warehouse Challenges Using Voice – Examines common strategic business challenges and how voice addresses them.

Implementing the Voice-Centric Warehouse – Highlights the use of voice for many distribution workflows beyond picking/selection, such as replenishment, let-down, put-away, and cycle-counting, and examines the experiences of different companies in applying voice for multiple workflows.

Identifying Operational Improvement Opportunities with Voice – Covers how to quantify the business opportunity with voice, identifying particula inefficiencies and improvement opportunities, in order to build a business case for the investment.

Maximizing Your WMS/ERP Investment with Voice – Looks at the many integration options for voice systems, and ways to gain the most payback from a voice solution, including common IT integration issues and how to address them.

Evaluating Voice Against Other Technology Options – Details how to evaluate voice against other material-handling and logistics technology options currently available.

Selecting a Voice Solution: What to Look For, What to Ask For – Identifies the types of questions that should be asked of any voice provider during the decision-making process.

Implementing and Sustaining a Successful Voice Deployment – Provides tips and tactics for ensuring a successful implementation of voice.

The Future of Voice – Examines what a variety of industry influencers and practitioners have to say about the future of voice across the global supply chain.

“Last May Vocollect announced its vision for a world of voice-centric warehouses. With the increasing competitiveness of the global business marketplace, the strategic value of the supply chain has become front and center as a means for improving business results,” said Joe Pajer, president and chief executive officer, Vocollect, Inc.

“Our e-book’s premise is simple – the more distribution leaders learn about voice, the more they will see its merits for being the foundation to address many substantive business challenges,” he said. “Further, they will clearly understand why more and more companies around the world are turning to voice as a means to reengineer their distribution operations
and attain significant payback in productivity, performance, and return on investment,” said Pajer.

Chapter One, “The Talking Warehouse,” is published in American and Anglicized English, French, German, Italian, Latin Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese and Korean, and is now available at no cost as a download from www.vocollect.com.