Unmatched speech recognition in the warehouse

The acceptance and success of Vocollect Voice, by almost one million users with a diverse range of dialects and local accents, can be attributed to the world’s most accurate voice recognition software solution, Vocollect BlueStreak, developed specifically for the challenging warehouse environment. The accuracy of the voice recognition engine is the number one influencer in achieving a business payback on your investment and directly impacts end-user acceptance.

Communicating with Vocollect Voice is like having a conversation with a person. Vocollect’s core speech recognition strength is our ability to interpret out-of-vocabulary sounds while identifying spoken works and intelligently recognizing them. Vocollect Voice excels at interpreting forklift beeps, pallet drops, fan/freezer noise, conveyor noise, never ending intercom announcements and miscellaneous conversations. It is driven by our VoiceCatalyst voice software, which includes our leading adaptive voice recognition capabilities, that enables our speech recognition to increase its accuracy over time.

Improved speech recognition accuracy translates into bottom line benefits. Research has shown that as little as a 1% improvement in speech recognition by each worker translates into significant productivity gains. The financial benefits of the superior results obtained using Vocollect Voice vs. less accurate and non-optimized voice solutions for the warehouse really show really show their competitive advantages in piece and case picking environments.